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OB Hospitalist Group

at Winchester Medical Center

Premier Birth Center in Winchester generally utilizes OBHG (OB Hospitalist Group) at Winchester Medical Center whenever we have a need for services beyond our scope of practice. The OB Hospitalists are on call 24/7/365 and available for consultation and also for receiving us when we need to transfer to the hospital for any reason.


With a coordinated plan for advanced care, our clients can be assured that no matter where their pregnancy and labors take them, they will experience high quality care. 

OBHG: The Nation’s Leading Provider of OB/GYN Hospitalist Services

OB Hospitalist Group

​OB Hospitalist Group (OBHG) was founded in 2006 with a vision to elevate the standard of women's healthcare by ensuring every expectant mother presenting to the hospital receives consistent and unconditional medical care by an experienced physician. We lead the nation in developing and managing customized, financially viable OB/GYN hospitalist programs featuring an Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) staffed with Board Certified physicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over the last decade our national network has grown to over 530 dedicated OB hospitalists serving in more than 120 active and onboarding partner hospitals across 28 states.

What does this mean for our clients?

Kim Pekin explains that the PBC midwives are already seeing a shift in their relationships with the hospitalists: “We’ve been able to seamlessly receive consultation and to transfer clients to them when needed. We’re helping our higher risk clients by referring them to Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice for consultation and collaboration for prenatal care, and, then, if their risk factors are not within our guidelines for an out-of-hospital birth, the moms give birth with the hospitalists, and with our support.”

​Communication and Teamwork

Teamwork with the medical community creates seamless transfer experiences for our clients and ensures that a hospitalist receiving a transfer is fully up to speed on the woman’s care history and labor notes. We can brief the hospitalists by phone on cases that might require a later transfer and receive their input on questions we might have. ​

Ease of Transfers

PBC midwives and OBHG physicians already have strong working relationships, a familiarity with the PBC clients in the event of a need for hospital support, and a routine transfer protocol. All of this means that our clients can expect seamless and easy transfer of care and the focus where it belongs: on the mother and baby.

When a PBC client is transferred, the midwife provides the receiving physician records and gives a verbal account of the woman’s labor and prenatal care. Our midwives remain with our clients in a supportive role once the physician takes over the care in the hospital.

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