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2016 Year in Review

What a year! Last January 1st, we owned a foreclosure and had a plan to turn it into Premier Birth Center. We weathered challenges from the zoning department and construction delays. We merged two independent midwifery practices and created a dream birth team.

More importantly, in 2016, we helped many families have beautiful births in Winchester, and opened up an opportunity for families to be served in a new way. Families had a new choice for how they would give birth. Respectful care? Of course. Professional birth team? Absolutely. Waterbirth? Without a doubt. Families came from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and (of course) Virginia to receive the care they knew was right for their needs. The response has been tremendous!

It reminds me of "Field of Dreams." Our family just watched that again last night as we waited for the ball drop. The line, "if you build it, they will come," has new meaning for my family! I may not have had voices in a corn field inspiring me to build this place, but building it took listening to my inner voice that told me "if you build it, they will come." I had a lot of faith and trust that it would all work out. There were moments where we thought it wouldn't happen. There were brief moments of fear and doubt and questioning of the wisdom of taking on such a big project. Mostly, we proceeded based on a deep knowing that we'd figure it out, somehow.

Now, looking back, I know that inner voice was right. People who come here tell me they feel a sense of peaceful energy in this place. They thank us for taking this leap of faith. They have beautiful births. Even when the birth isn't quite as they planned, they feel support and they feel the difference that only midwifery care can provide.

Our team works in harmony with an openness and deep level of mutual respect that's rare in the workplace. Each of us is valued for their gifts. The support each of us feels working together is nothing short of amazing.

Getting off to such a great start can only mean we're heading in the right direction. I'm looking forward to our 2017 year in review. The best is yet to come!

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