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Prenatal Care with Midwives


Why should I give birth with a midwife? Midwives are skilled professionals who are experts in normal pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and well-woman care. The relationship you build with your midwife will improve her ability to give you the care you want. Our midwives are your trusted companions and consultants as you navigate your birth journey.

Midwives are the experts at helping low-risk women continue to be healthy and low-risk. We avoid unnecessary medical intervention in what is usually a normal life event for a woman. We also help you have an enjoyable pregnancy and birth experience.

How Midwives are Unique

Customized Care

Prenatal visits are about 30-60 minutes in length, where your midwife will get to know you as a person and understand how to customize your care to meet your unique needs.

Wellness Model

Care that is focused on wellness rather than illness. We see pregnancy as a normal healthy process for women, and our care is targeted at keeping you healthy.

Shared Decision Making

You will actively participate in your care, sharing in decision making, working as a team with your midwife to optimize your health and the health of your baby.


Through our Electronic Health Record, you will have 24/7/365 access to your complete health record, including copies of progress notes and any labs and ultrasounds.

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