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Get Started

Ready to get started? Follow these steps!

Step 1: Zoom Information Session

All new clients are required to attend our free Zoom Information Session. If you don't want to do the Zoom session, you can have an in-person consultation with one of our midwives for $100. If you start care with us, we'll apply that towards your out-of-pocket costs for your care at Premier Birth Center. If you've had a baby with us before, you don't need to attend the information session, but we'd love to see you there! 

Step 2: Verify Your Insurance

Larsen Billing Verification of Benefits

If you plan to use insurance, the first step in obtaining optimum reimbursement from an insurance company is the verification of benefits. The process takes about a week to complete. You will receive a response via email from Larsen Billing Service, and we will follow up with you to answer your questions. If you have insurance, you will be required to register with Larsen Billing Service prior to your first visit. If you have not registered with Larsen Billing, we will consider you to be self-pay, and you will need to pay for your care at the time of service.


If you have a Samaritan Ministries Classic or Christian Health Ministries sharing plan, you do not need to do the insurance verification through Larsen Billing. Likewise, if you are self-pay, you do not need to do the verification of benefits.

To verify your benefits, complete and submit the Patient Registration Form. For Winchester, your Provider’s PIN is: 14137. For Chantilly, your Provider's PIN is 19760. If you're undecided, you may use either PIN.

Larsen Billing Service charges $20 to verify your insurance. If you have a Medicaid plan, there is no charge to register with Larsen.

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