Premier Well Woman Care

Well Woman Care.....these words, though they sound simple enough, often cause dread in women.  We often think of cold exam tables, cold speculums, and brisk appointments that we wish we didn't have to endure.  Please know it doesn't have to be this way!  Well woman care is so much more than the pap smear that is recommended we all get.  Our well woman care is customized to your needs and may include:

  • Pap smear and pelvic exams

  • Physicals

  • Blood work

  • Pre-conception counseling

  • Contraceptive care

  • Family planning

  • Self care education

  • Breast exams

  • Nutritional counseling, and so much more


"It is within my scope of practice as a CNM to provide all of these for you. I want to make sure you are healthy and well on all fronts.  Well woman care, to me, is a conversation as much as it is a physical examination.  It is me getting to know you as a person, as a woman.  It is me learning where you are in your life's path and what your plans are.  As a woman, I know that a pap smear is not something you want to do, I want to make it as comfortable as possible.  When you are in a visit with me, I want you to feel seen and heard and to know you are more than just another person on my appointment list.  I promise to talk you through each thing I do, explain my findings in a caring manner, and do my best to empower you through the process.  I want you to be the best you mentally, physically, emotionally, and medically.  Often times as women, we put our own well being on the back burner to care for others, I encourage you though, to take an hour to ensure you are well."

-- Natasha Holloway, CNM


Natasha has prescriptive authority and offers a full range of primary health care services for women from adolescence beyond menopause. She can help you with common illnesses and health concerns between your well woman visits.


Our fee for new clients is $175 for a one-hour well woman visit ($150 for returning clients). We will provide you with an invoice you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Lab fees are an additional charge that will be billed to your insurance, of course you can take advantage of our discounted lab pricing for self-pay clients. Natasha is a Tricare provider, so for women with Tricare, there is no out of pocket expense for her primary care services.

Natasha provides women's health care services for general health, as well as gynecological health. She is able to help with a variety of health issues and concerns.