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Expecting a Sibling
Expecting a Sibling

Ready to Get Started?

We're thrilled to know you want to start care with us! If you want to give birth with Premier, there are a few things you need to do before your first visit. Follow the steps below in our checklist to get started.

Checklist for Starting Care at Premier Birth Center


Information Session

All prospective new clients must attend one of our free online information sessions or schedule an in-person consultation. If you opt for the in-person consultation, we charge $100 and will apply that toward your out of pocket expense if you do start care with us.


Insurance Snapshot

Everyone planning to use insurance at Premier Birth Center must complete the Insurance Snapshot. Our insurance billing specialists will check your benefits and create a custom payment plan so you understand the financial aspects of your care at Premier.


Make an Appointment

Once you have attended an information session and completed your Insurance Snapshot, contact us to schedule your first visit. We will help you request any records we may need to determine whether you would be a good fit with our practice guidelines.

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