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Premier Well Woman Care

At Premier we are grateful to have Nurse-Midwives offering holistic, mindful, evidence-based and individualized care. Certified Nurse-Midwives are licensed to take care of women from adolescence through menopause and have been trained to skillfully address not only gynecologic concerns but all aspects of physical healthcare ranging from endocrine concerns to acute issues such as seasonal cold/flu or migraines. 


For millennia, midwives have been community healers, knowing families in the community, and supporting them with wellness care and birth/loss stewardship throughout the lifespan. 


Our Certified Nurse-Midwives are committed to creating an atmosphere of ease, connection and trust with their patients while weaving together the timeless tradition of midwifery with the latest available scientific evidence. They are both committed to providing trauma-informed care and welcome all people from the human family. Each of their wellness appointments is an hour long in order to thoroughly review all body systems and to get to know their client’s individual needs and concerns. 

Annual and general wellness exams include but not limited to the following services:

  • Physical Examinations

  • Problem Visits

  • Preconception counseling

  • Contraception and family planning 

  • Risk assessment and screening for breast cancer (clinical breast exam and/or referral services for mammography)

  • Cervical cancer screening using ASCCP guidelines

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Laborary testing 

  • Exercise and self-care planning

  • STI screening and treatment

  • Mental health awareness/screening, natural non-pharmacological support, as well as prescription medication

  • Preventative health optimization


Special Offerings and Appointments:

  • Miscarriage healing, support, and honoring 

  • Natural Family Planning Education- symptothermal method

  • My First Midwife Appointment: A special visit for adolescents to discuss any questions/concerns they have as well as to learn their bodies and discover various menstrual cycle products

  • Post-Birth control syndrome and PCOS healing

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