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Personalized Holistic Care


The care team at Premier Birth Center provides a breadth and depth of care that helps our clients have exceptionally healthy pregnancies. Our goal isn’t just for them to be healthy. Our goal is for our clients to arrive at the end of their pregnancy healthier than they ever have been. 

A freestanding birth center is a home-like setting with resources for low-risk women to give birth naturally. When you come to Premier Birth Center, we want you to feel safe, we want you to feel loved, we want you to feel like you’ve come home.

Our midwives provide home birth services in Virginia within about 60 miles of our birth centers. Having the support of skilled care providers who are experts in home birth, will help you balance your need for safety with your need for family unity and control over your birth experience.

An important part of our postpartum care is making sure that you, your baby, and your family are all adjusting to life together. The deep personal relationship you will have developed with your midwife will be a valuable resource during this time.

Mother and a Child

Continue care with Premier Birth Center for your child as they grow. Our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner cares for children from birth to age 21, providing well baby/child visits, telehealth, and sick visits.

DIverse Friends

Premier Birth Center's nurse-midwives provide pre-conception counseling, routine GYN visits, and primary care for women of all ages. Even when you're done having babies, you can still receive midwifery care at Premier Birth Center.

Image by Christin Noelle

Ultrasound Partners offers a full range of ultrasound services at the Chantilly Premier Birth Center location. These services include dating scans, nuchal translucency screening, anatomy scans, biophysical profiles, thyroid, abdominal, and breast ultrasounds.

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