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Postpartum & Baby

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Premier Care for a Great Start

The early days and weeks postpartum are such a precious and irreplaceable time. We feel that mother and baby should be skin-to-skin as much as possible during this time, developing their strong bond with each other, and getting their nursing relationship off to a good start. This gives a mother the opportunity to rest and recover optimally, as well, and gives the rest of her family the opportunity to grow as they support her and care for her. It is our belief that care providers should come to the family during this time, whenever possible, rather than the family coming to the care provider. This limits the disruption to the family, reduces the baby's exposure to outside germs, and provides the optimal environment for a healthy start. All basic early postpartum and baby care can be provided at home.

At each postpartum visit, we check on both you, and your baby. Your midwife will talk with you by phone within the first 24 hours after the birth, and will see you and your baby at home at sometime approximately 24-48 hours after the birth. Typically, we see you again at 1-2 weeks after the birth, and again at 6 weeks postpartum. If anything isn’t quite right, we’ll see you more often than that. You will have as many postpartum visits as you need, as often as you need. You are unique, and your care will be uniquely tailored to suit you.

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