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Mayanne Zielinski, CPM

Staff Midwife

Premier Birth Center in Chantilly

One day in a conversation with my sister about birth, something I said prompted her to respond, “When you have babies, you’re going to want a midwife.” What is this: a midwife?


After doing some research, I did want a midwife! The midwife has time. She listens. She believes! The midwife is global; she honors maternal strength.


I never stopped knowing this, and when finally the choice became clear, I applied to midwifery school. I know I have been chosen to protect the sacredness of this moment in your and your baby’s life. I want to remember every time I walk into a room with you, “This is her pregnancy. Be present”. I promise to seek and nurture your uniqueness, as I believe that this is largely a factor in creating safe outcomes. I think as parents, as adults, our greatest responsibility is to show kindness, and that begins now, even before birth.

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